Charitable Activity: Children Satsanga visits the old age home :

18th February, Sunday YSDK Bengaluru Children Satsanga Group visited an old age home named "Anmol".

Anmol has 15 residents, they consist of women who are 80 years or older. Their children have left them there. Some children send money, some don't. Anmol is maintained by a trust set up by a kind-hearted person - administered by an engineer and a doctor.

The event started with an inspiring introduction by Dr.Nandini about the organization. She explained that the residents are not abandoned parents but have come to heal for a short time and go back. A beautiful explanation on Guruji and Babaji and the path of Self Realization was given by Sujataji and Janaki ma in their calm and loving voice.

Prayer in Kannada was followed by chants:  "Listen to my soul song"  and "Door of my heart" sung both in Kannada and English. Children played the musical instruments and followed Sujathaji. Then a short meditation was held followed by the chants: "Guru Yogananda Sharanam", "Cloud Colour Christ" in  English and Hindi, "Hare Krishna Hare Ram" , "Mritunjaya  Mantra" and Om Namah  Shivaiah bhajans.

During Pushpanjali with pronami, children sang Jai Guru Jai and all devotees and residents from Anmol took part in offering pranams to Guruji. Pronami collections and gifts were handed over to Anmol.

 Prasad distribution by children to elders 

Children happily distributed the Prasad to the residents and to the parents.  In total, approximately 15 parents and grand parents,12 children, 25 anmol residents took part in this event.  All left the place with their hearts filled with happiness and  joyful meditation. Many experienced their hearts expanding with love for all. 

Sunday School Group.