12 hour meditation held at YSDK, Bengaluru on 23rd September 2017

Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra, Bengaluru conducted a 12-hour long meditation on 23rd  September 2017 , Saturday, from 7am to 7pm - as part of the centenary celebrations of YSS. 

About 90 devotees attended the meditation which was divided into four sessions.  A short break of 15 min following each session where in devotees were served  biscuits with tea, lime juice, buttermilk.

First session  started at 7:00 am with Energisation Exercises followed by arati, opening prayer, invocation and chants Think ye in thy heart, Who tells me Thou art dark, Listen listen listen to my heart's song, Krishna Jesus Babaji, My Lord i will be Thine Always, and ended at 10:45am.  This was followed by a break for 15 mins. 

Second session  started at 11:00 am with inspirational prayer, and chants I am Aum, So do Thou my Lord, Aum Kali Aum Kali, Receive me on Thy lap O Mother, Guruji Tumhi ho Khewanhara, then meditation upto  at 1:30pm.  This was followed by lunch break for 30 mins. Keeping our goal of meditation in mind, light lunch of poha was served.

Third session  started at 2:00 pm with  chant  Shyamal  Krishna, followed by a short reading, followed by another short period of  chanting of Amara Guru Yogananda, Jai Maa jai Maa jai jai Maa. Meditation in this session went on upto at 4:15pm and ended with a tea break for 15 mins.

Fourth and final session started at 4:30pm with chant O Thou King of the Infinite, followed by meditation, followed by chanting of Aum at the chakras as is recommended for long meditations. This was followed by short periods of meditation alternating with chanting of Ever New Joy (Ananda ananda), Lahiri Mahasaya come to me, Guru Yogananda Sharanam. . 

Day long service ended with  praying for others,  healing prayer and closing prayer, followed by prasad distribution.

Devotees who attended found a lot of benefit from the 12-hour meditation and expressed a desire to have 12 hour meditations more frequently. The Kendra managing council was decided to make this is monthly feature. The six-hour meditation held on second Saturday of every month has been converted into a 12-hour meditation.