Spiritual Retreat -26th January 2017

YSDK Bengaluru's republic day picnic was conducted at the beautiful retreat south west of city called "Rudraksha" - a very serene 5-acre plot with dense foliage and a peaceful aura. The program started with a welcome refreshments, immediately followed by flag hoisting at 9:45 by senior devotee Shri. Rajagopalji. The attendees sang the National anthem, and listened with rapt attention a reading of Guruji's poem "My India".  

Energization Exercises and meditation commenced at 10:00 am. At 12:15pm, the group participated in a special prayer "The Seraphic Strains of Aum", and chanted Aum continuously for few minutes. At 12:30pm closing prayer and chant "Namo namaste" brought the morning session to a conclusion.

Keeping our goal of a day of retreat in mind, devotees silently enjoyed a delicious yet light lunch from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

The second half of the picnic was started with reading from Autobiography of a Yogi, and chanting of bhajans in honor of our beloved Gurudeva.

Later at 3:30 pm, about 25 children who were participating in a day long picnic and spiritually themed activities of their own in another part of the campus, joined the main congregation for chanting. Children played various accompanying instruments and all the devotees, young and old, chanted and expressed devotion to our Guru! A token of gratitude and a few words of appreciation were given to the owners of the retreat who were very happy to lend us the retreat.

Day long activity ended with affirmation, closing prayer and pranami and snacks before everyone headed home carrying peaceful vibrations from the day.